Your Product: Describe vs. Discover

As a founder, I was in love with my products. Head over heels. There was nothing better.

As an investor, I see founders who are in love with their products too. They’ve poured hours and hours into thinking deeply about them and crafting them. I’d argue it’s a prerequisite for a founder to be in love with their products. How else will they sustain the inevitable downturns that nearly all startups face?

But here’s the challenge. As a founder, you spend your waking life thinking about your products. But your potential customers spend five seconds. And therein lies the problem.

Founders who are in love have the hardest time reducing. Ask them to crisply describe the value proposition of their product and you get a five minute discussion. Ask them to describe the most important feature and you get a half dozen. Anytime you ask a founder to reduce the description of the product, they feel boxed in. “But, it’s sooo much more than that!”, they’ll say.

And it is… But it doesn’t matter.

Your customers cannot digest the full scope of your product in one shot. There is no way. They have neither the interest nor the ability to get the new future that you envision in a single gulp.

You have to introduce it to them – one step at a time.

The way I think about this dilemma is that you need to divide your product into one (maximum two) features/benefits you describe and let the user discover the remaining beauty and scope and breadth of your product.

The describe/discover framework, I’ve found, helps founders through the knothole of reductionism. They aren’t limiting the product in their minds, they’re limiting and staging how it’s presented.

Before you launch your product, ideally before you even start developing your product, ask yourself the question, “what’s the one benefit we’re going to describe?” If you can’t answer that question, you’re not ready for launch. Once you answer it, orient your UI, marketing, PR and sales around that.

In my next post I want to talk about how do you pick what feature you describe vs. what ones users discover.


  1. Perry Mizota says:

    Happy to see you blogging again, Joe.

    This post particularly resonates with me. I have found that technologists have a difficult time with this issue. They often build a platform that has so much to offer (at least, in their minds) and the process of narrowing its purpose is a difficult one for most.

  2. Gautham says:

    As they say – Benefits matter to customers and not features..

  3. Joe, I completely recognize that every entrepreneur believes that their product will change the world. It is simply a part of the entrepreneur passion to have such belief.

    What would you recommend to a company that has technology which has already demonstrated world changing capability, to getting in front of somebody like you?

  4. Avadh says:

    so here it is, in a nutshell by Joe, get it now the easy way or the hard way awaits you…if you go further 🙂

  5. John K says:

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  8. lee silva says:

    what does it take if i have an idea for Google to change the world and bring Facebook to its knees? I am a couple of weeks away from a prototype I have a business plan and idea in place it will innovate in a major way including possible patents contact me for details!!!

  9. Garthen Leslie says:

    I have an idea that will target the e-reader market and will take major market share from the current vendors. However, I do not have a team and have not developed the product. What can your lab do tohelp on a case such as this?

  10. Great blog article, managing to articulate the problems caused by the distinction between founder/inventor and the consumer. Lee and Garthen, you guys should check out Ground Six Ltd. They’re better than google 😉

  11. Scott Calvert says:

    Stumbled onto this. Tears in my eyes how “nailed it” this is. Demand Gen, marketing and Sales Messaging should print, laminate (some I’ve seen should tattoo it on the ass they most often kiss) and look at it every day.

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  13. James Hunt says:

    Can you guys start a page for start-ups and new business idea’s which allows the owner to safely post and describe the new business without fear of being ripped-off. Just reading the posts shows the need.
    An owner would know that the google staff has his best interest at heart and the business idea could be date and time stamped to cover copyright and patent infringement issues.
    What say you?
    I know I would use the site, as I have several idea’s to float to your team of ‘creatives’. That’s the way I think of you guys. brain-power for lease.
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  17. Paolo says:

    Joe, I really liked your article. I await the next post to see what is your suggestion on how to discriminate what to describe and what leave to customers’ discovery.

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  19. sanjog says:

    more than benefits, its an instant gratification. people dont buy technology they buy solutions that are quick, simple and sensible. when the story gets longer you get into discovery mode and loose out on interest. visuals must create an Aha effect thats why a design articulation is more important these days…no wonder pinterest emerged as it touched the heart first and then people slowly discovered its remnant features…sensory appeal is what steve jobs was really good at…but the idea must not be me-too and must not be an aggregation of me-toos, branding must be fresh and value must be compelling…then you dont have to do pitching …people take their time to breathe with your product…dont go to VCs who have attitude and ask you to show the product ( tail flicking dog ) and then after seeing the product VC dumps you ( useless dog )…have guts to launch and gather some self-esteem and do stoop to VCs…they should follow the founder rather the way round….founders are wasting their time

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  21. Krishna Varanasi says:

    “let the user discover the remaining beauty and scope and breadth of your product”-Joe

    I would compare the “discovery” to a suspense thriller . we would never understand who the villain is till the very last moment. Every Entrepreneur thinks himself to be a Sherlock Holmes and would always think that he is the one who has got the master stroke with him. So Keep guessing!!!!!!

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