Personal – Joining the EFF Board

Well, normally this isn’t a forum for personal announcements, but I thought this one worth making an exception for.

I’ve joined the board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

For those of you not familiar with the EFF, they are a non-profit digital civil liberties group. Put simply, if you like the internet and the freedoms you currently enjoy to create content and new technologies without having to ask permission, this is a group you should know about and support.

I’ve been passionate about digital copyright reform for a long period of time and even started, which was a 50,000 member strong non-profit lobbying group in Washington to fight for consumer technology rights.

Now, I’m honored to be a part of an organization that is making a huge difference in this debate. Thanks for inviting me, EFF!


  1. Welcome! says:

    I actually started reading your blog because of the announcement.
    Thanks for helping out!

  2. I was sued by the DVD CCA in December of 1999. The EFF and a team of pro-bono lawyers (Allonn Levy, David Green, et. al.) defeneded me all the way up to the California Supreme Court in 2004.
    Along the way, they allayed my fears of financial ruin and filed brief after motion after brief on my behalf.
    The employees there during this time (Seth Schoen, Robin Gross, Cindy Cohn) were hugely helpful and I have nothing but grattitude for the organization and them individually.
    So… thanks.
    — Andrew Bunner (of DVD CCA vs. Bunner)

  3. It’s a Great Time to be an Entrepreneur . . .

    says Bnoopy, because “it’s never been cheaper to be one.” Specifics follow. Infectious Greed adds: Granted, you still need good ideas — and maybe even better ideas if the financial barriers to entrepreneurship have fallen — but people still haven’t…

  4. Silicon Valley should fight laws controlling innovation, says veteran valley entrepeneur

    Laws may limit Silicon Valley innovation

    Tech companies must become active in Washington lobbying efforts otherwise laws could restrain and limit Silicon Valley innovation, warns long time veteran Joe Kraus, of Excite and JotSpot.
    Also…is t…

  5. New Zealand says:

    You cant really blame artists for wanting to protect their property. Stealing is stealing. What I am against are the huge cost of cds!

  6. Silicon Valley should fight laws controlling innovation, says veteran valley entrepeneur

    Laws may limit Silicon Valley innovation

    Tech companies must become active in Washington lobbying efforts otherwise laws could restrain and limit Silicon Valley innovation, warns long time veteran Joe Kraus, of Excite and JotSpot.
    Also…is t…

  7. Mike says:

    EFF = the ACLU of the wired world? Me thinks so. Does the EFF also think that business is evil and profit is wrong? Hope not. Profit means I get to keep my job another month.

  8. Norma says:

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  10. Matthewhime says:

    Just wanted to drop in and say hi, new to this forum and looking to pick up some tips.

  11. vanboy says:

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  15. Congratulations with the EFF. I hope you´re still there, after reading almost all your blog post youre really a man they should have there.

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