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Allow myself to introduce… myself. My name is Joe Kraus and Bnoopy is a blog about entrepreneurship — thoughts, lessons learned, open questions. It’s all stuff I’m thinking about right now in the midst of starting a new company. My background is that I was one of the founders of Excite. Then I co-founded and now, I’ve got a new project still in stealth mode.

Bnoopy, pronouced like Snoopy, was the code-name of Excite when we started the company in the garage of a Palo Alto house right out of Stanford. Bob Cringely told us a story in 1993 about a Korean company that came out with a doll that looked exactly like Snoopy. They came up with the brilliant idea of evading the trademark police by calling it Bnoopy. Sneaky. Needless to say, we liberated the name from the doll manufacturer and took it for our own. Thus, Excite was born.

In Bnoopy I want to explore some of the issues I’m facing in starting a new company. I also want to reflect on some of the lessons learned from Excite and see how they apply the second time around. Hopefully in the process this will be useful to someone other than just me. Here goes…


  1. Joe Kraus, Blogger

    Joe Kraus, a co-founder of Excite, has started a blog, which will focus on lessons learned from a life of entrepreneurship. His first post is here. Joe is speaking at Web 2.0 – introducing his next company, in fact. Welcome to the personal publishing w…

  2. Welcome to this little world, dude. 😉

  3. Adam says:

    The real world is little. The Blogosphere is HUGE.

  4. r21 says:

    Welcome Joe!

    Joe Kraus, of Excite fame and soon to be of a new company fame, has started blogging. Welcome to the…

  5. Hi Joe,
    Good luck on the new venture. John Battelle wrote about you in his blog, hence my showing up here to see what’s going on.

  6. Bnoopy

    Joe Kraus, who started this new Jot thing with me, has also started a new blog.

  7. Congrats on the new piece Joe….Should be interesting to learn a thing or two from you.

  8. Joe Kraus Blogging

    John Battelle just posted about Joe Kraus starting to blog. I had a great chat with Joe some time back and am looking forward to seeing some of his thoughts in writing. I expect some interesting things.

  9. S. Lim says:

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    Thanks for your time
    Kind Regards,
    S. Lim

  10. Lingo says:

    Hi, Joseph. You’re a guh-nee-us, and I’m happy to welcome your feed to morning reading.
    You’re sure you want to keep comments on, though? People might spam with inscrutable company ideas. Or maybe they already have. 🙂
    A topic request… The process of raising venture capital.

  11. Transparency, transparency, transparency

    Boy, I feel like Steve after writing my post title. 🙂 Anyway, one of the things I’m a big proponent of is transparency in companies. Transparency in decisions that sr. management make and in status for work happening in various…

  12. Starting a Technology Company in 2004 vs. 1993

    Joe Kraus: I’ve been reflecting on how different it is to start a company in 2004 vs. 1993. While I still break out like a nervous teenager, which looks awfully strange with graying hair, at a professional level, there are…

  13. Jason Davis says:

    Hi Joe,
    welcome to the world of blogging. I am going to put one of your posts on my blog right now

  14. Start your own company

    A great blog from the founder of Excite!

  15. Stephen Huey says:

    Read all your entries and found them pretty fascinating. It seems like it would be fun to be involved with a startup, although I keep reminding myself of the need for such a high level of commitment. I often wonder if I’m too in love with the ideas and wouldn’t follow through with enough action. Perhaps you could talk about your own experience with this.

  16. Beef Jezos says:

    That bloggerTV idea is going to be hot, hot, hot!
    I like it.
    Beef Jezos

  17. Aaron Bawcom says:

    I saw you and your team on Cringley’s documentary in 1995 when I was in College. It inspired me to move out to Silicon Valley and start my career.

  18. B says:

    Hey Joe,
    Thanks so much for selling out at Excite to the likes of George Bell, TJ and Armstrong. All of whom single handedly sold the company out from under the employees to ATT; only to have their jobs laid off and their futures squandered. Stock price from $120 to pennies… You should be proud of yourself for your accomplishments, you schmuck.
    From Westminster, CO….

  19. Ram says:

    Your blogs were interesting, specially the one that details Vinod’s story (ok – apart from it being interesting on its own, i’m somewhat partial because I went to same school as Vinod). I’m trying to start up a new venture but am woefully short on funding related issues (who is not?). Please see if you can write about VC funding and what-not.

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